University of Arkansas

Walton College

The Sam M. Walton College of Business

Thesis Grants

The Tyson Center will fund a limited number of grants for students who choose to do their honors thesis on a topic that relates to Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace. Typically, such topics will relate to (for instance) domains such as managing inter-faith diversity, the impact of religiosity or specific religious beliefs on human performance, organizational strategy, and so on. The Center's objective in sponsoring such research is to enable scholastic inquiry/study that explores issues related to faith and spirituality – proposals that are focused on the advocacy of any specific faith related perspective will not be funded.

The grant will entail the following:

a) Funds for conducting the research related to the thesis (max.): $750.00
b) Stipend for the student doing the research: $750.00
c) Funds provided to the faculty mentor supervising the thesis (paid to their faculty development account): $750.00

How to Apply?

In order to be eligible for the grant, the student must submit the following:

a) A description (maximum two pages, single-spaced) of their thesis proposal. This description must outline the objective of the thesis, the proposed methodology, and a brief overview of the literature that the student is drawing on to develop their ideas (if appropriate).
b) A statement of support from the student's thesis supervisor AND a letter of reference from a second faculty member.
c) A budget that describes and lists the funds required to conduct the research.
d) A cover letter from the student that describes how their thesis relates to the objectives of the Tyson Center.

The application materials should be emailed to Dr. Vikas Anand ( and will be processed every month till the funds earmarked for the grants are exhausted.