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Course: Faith, Spirituality and the Workplace

Societies, workplaces in particular, are becoming increasingly multicultural and multi-religious. To many, their faith is part of their identity and in today's times when the division between one's personal and work self is becoming increasingly blurry, it becomes difficult for people from minority religion to bring their complete self to workplace. In an attempt to address that and make students sensitive and mindful to people of different faiths and value system, Tyson Center started offering the course on Faith and Spirituality in workplace from Fall 2017. 

About the Course


One of our students, Elizabeth Abston, talks about her experience with the course and what she learnt. 

The main objective of the Faith, Spirituality and the Workplace class (MGMT 4103) is to provide students with a foundational knowledge of various faith traditions and forms of spirituality, including non-theist perspectives; and to provide an understanding about the interconnections between faith traditions.

The class is taught by Dr. Denise Breaux Soignet and includes a survey of the world's major faith traditions including Atheism, as well as a host of interactive experiences for the students to help them thrive in a multi-faith workforce, and to learn about how people express their spirituality and how this can enhance the work experience. We loosely define spirituality as the multitude of activities individuals may engage in as part of their search for meaning and fulfillment; we see spirituality as separate from religious beliefs or purposes.

 Below are the pictures of speakers who took some time off from their schedules to speak to our students about different faiths and practices. 


 John Tyson addressing the class of Fall 2017 about faith friendly practices in Tyson Foods



Dr Vikas Anand who is also the director of the Tyson Center and a loved professor at the University, discusses about Hinduism to the class.

vikas teaches Hinduism


Rabbi Jacob Adler talking to the class about Judaism in Fall 2017



Cantor Sam talks about Judaism for our Fall 2018 class

Cantor Sam


Geshe Thrupton Dorjee speaking about Buddhism



Judi Neal, the founding Director of Tyson Center, discusses about spirituality in workplace.

Judi Neal teaches spirituality in fall 2018 class


Mary Oleksiuk, Chief HR officer at Tyson Foods talks about workplace accomodation



 Daniel Harris talks about mindfulness and its importance to leadership



 A speaker session about Islam by Issa Abboud.



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