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The Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace will bring together thought leaders and business executives to promote scholarship on the impact of faith and spirituality in the workplace. We will integrate scholarship and best practices into business models that benefit employees, companies and communities. We will stimulate conversations about faith and spirituality among students to empower them to lead fulfilling and productive lives.


The Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace will be a catalyst in the transformation of modern workplaces by integrating faith and spirituality into educational and business models that lead to personal well-being and sustainable profits.


We serve students, faculty, staff, researchers, business leaders and faith leaders.


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To support leaders in expanding the purpose of business to include individual, organizational, community, and global transformation through the integration of faith and spirituality in the workplace.

We have three major areas of strategic initiative:

  1. Education: We will teach courses on faith and spirituality in the workplace at the University of Arkansas and online. We will sponsor a speaker series of CEOs, leading academics, and other experts in the field. We will provide curriculum and other educational resources such as case studies to others who are teaching in this field.
  2. Business and Community Outreach: We will provide resources, services and events to business, community and faith leaders who are interested in creating organizations that are faith/spirituality – friendly. This includes leadership development, executive coaching, team development, diversity consulting, organizational assessment and program planning.
  3. Research Resource Center: We will provide a current database of relevant research, hold research conferences and symposia, and support new research in the field through grants, information support, and access to other resources such as organizational research sites. We plan to conduct and provide case studies on organizations that have a commitment to nurturing faith and the human spirit in the workplace.

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The field of “faith and spirituality in the workplace” is a relatively new area of study and practice in management and in the field of religion. The Academy of Management has created an interest group for Management, Spirituality and Religion that includes about 600 participants.


Only a small number of universities have academic centers that focus on faith and/or spirituality at work and, to our knowledge, this center remains the only one embedded in a publicly-funded business school. This is also the first center to bring together the parallel fields of faith at work and spirituality in the workplace.

The Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace was established in 2007 by a grant from Tyson Foods, Inc. and the Tyson Family Foundation, with matching funds from the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation. Judith Neal, Ph.D., was hired as the first director of the center in 2009 and led the center until her retirement in 2013. Among many other achievements, she hosted two conferences that brought together business people and academics. Daniel Harris then directed the center from August 2013. He created a new course entitled “Authentic Leadership in a Multi-faith Workplace: Remaining True to Yourself in a Professional Kaleidoscope.”

The Center is now being led by Dr Vikas Anand who is also the Executive Director for MBA Programs and Graduate Innovation and a Professor at the Department of Management. He has formerly served as the Chair of Department of Management and is a widely acknowledged and well-loved professor of the University.

You can reach Tyson Center at

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