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The Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace will be a nexus for thought leaders to exchange views and encourage research projects around faith and spirituality in the workplace.

We will create learning experiences for students that will enhance their self-knowledge by clarifying their faith (core beliefs) and values; and we will prepare them to be effective, authentic leaders in increasingly global workplaces. 
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International Association for Management, Spirituality and Religion
(IAMSR) 2017 Conference

May 19-20, 2017 - University of Arkansas

The 2017 IAMSR brings together three compelling topics: Leadership, Spirituality and Education. We invite scholars, business leaders and participants to grapple with profound questions.

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Five U of A students describe their experiences in a unique leadership development course.

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We're striving to be a catalyst in the transformation of modern workplaces. We serve students, faculty, staff, researchers, business leaders and faith leaders.

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View articles, dissertations, and case studies regarding faith and spirituality in the workplace.

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A growing selection of texts and audio-visual media is available on our resources page. 

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Webinar: What's Going On Here?

Learn from this collection of summarized survey data collected from almost 50 academics who explore values, spirituality, meaning and purpose in the classroom. Complementary webinar materials are available.

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Spiritual Based Leadership Database

Browse findings from the Spiritual Based Leadership Program, an inquiry into the nature, activities and results of leading from a spiritual basis.



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