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The articles below highlight the importance of acknowledging changing workplaces with people from different faith backgrounds and cultures. Ways of how organizations or a society in general can or are working towards creating a more inclusive and respectful environment.

How Nigeria's Millennial Priestess Is Revitalizing Spirituality

A young priestess who has made it her mission to teach and preserve the Orisha and Ifa spiritual practices, which are indigenous to the Yoruba people of Nigeria and adjoining parts of Togo and Benin. Through social media and using everyday language, Omitonade Ifawemimo has found acceptance for being approachable and willing to demystify and interpret the tenets of traditional Yoruba religion.

What Companies Can Do when Work and Religion Conflict

When companies are becoming increasingly diverse, this HBR article reviews what a company can do to better address it.

How to Manage Religious Diversity in the Workplace

Religious diversity in the workplace

These articles explore on ways for organizations can create an inclusive workplace and what can be done to create a culture of respect and sensitivity for people from other faith backgrounds.

Are US businesses doing enough to support religious diversity in the workplace?

Religious discrimination claims in the US have doubled since 2001. Should businesses take more steps to ensure every employee feels valued?

The Pluralism project: Religious Diversity and the Workplace (2014)

The Pluralism Project at Harvard University documents the religious diversity of the United States, with particular attention to the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and other minority traditions.

HR Seeks Balance in Handling Religion in the Workplace

The latest Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey on religion finds that a majority of organizational leaders foster a secular work environment even when employees practice a variety of religions.

Religion and Corporate Culture

The October 2008 report, Religion and Corporate Culture: Accommodating Religious Diversity in the Workplace: A Survey Report by the Society for Human Resource Management